Congratulations! You have found the best way to promote your dog’s health and well-being and to offer it joy, strength and vitality. We propose certain methods for a successful transition to a raw food diet and its multiple benefits. Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

You may follow a 6-day feeding schedule with the 7th day being a day of underfeeding or fasting. This allows your dog’s body to properly detoxify and eliminate the possible build-up of toxic elements. Underfeeding or fasting is not recommended for puppies due to their high nutritional needs or for animals with health conditions and low immune system or digestive problems. Bear in mind that the following transition processes will have a detoxifying effect on your dog. You may notice that your dog is somewhat lethargic or that it has more secretions in eyes and ears or that it has a troubled intestine. This is totally normal because real raw food activates all toxin-blocked systems (liver, pancreas, kidneys) which gradually eliminate all toxic build-up. You may help your dog during this transitional stage with a food supplement, lots of fresh eater and rest.

Which transition method to choose: Express or slow?

Express transition method:

If your dog is already eating raw food transition could take place immediately and no fasting is involved.

If the dog has never eaten raw food the express method is recommended for puppies and dogs that are healthy, have a good immune system and no troubles with their stomach. One day of fasting for adult dogs, omit dinner for puppies and on the following day you can feed them our meal.

Slow transition method:

This transition method is recommended for animals with health problems, animals who feed mainly on processed food, animals with a weakened immune systems or animals who are sensitive to sudden changes in their nutrition (holistic veterinarians have observed that many dogs who feed on processed food have a sensitive stomach). Raw food should be given in stages to avoid stomach problems or intense detoxification:

Day 1: A day of fasting for your dog to allow for detoxification and help it get prepared for raw food.

Day 2-7 or 10: Leave frozen food to defrost overnight in the refrigerator and then warm it in a small pot (no water, do not overheat). Leave it to cool down (it is better not to feed your dog right away because it would affect its digestive tract) and then feed your dog with it. Transition will take place gradually moving from warm to less warm food so that by day 7 or 10 the dog will be feeding on 100% raw food. The aim is for your dog to gradually create the adequate gastric environment to be able to digest raw food. For more information please refer to our blog. Also, if your dog needs a larger transition period allow more days for this process.